Creative Contest - LOS NOVIOS 100 YEARS -

- What is the contest Los Novios 100 años?

It is a creative contest that celebrates 100 years of specialization in spices and paprika by the company, and is intended for students of the Degree in Communication Sciences of the Catholic University of San Antonio, Murcia. Each student can participate with a maximum of three designs.

- What's your objective?

The aim of the contest is to design a commemorative paprika tin for the centenary of the company. The winning design will be applied and will become a limited edition of the Paprika brand NOVIOS, being able to be used for promotional and / or commercial purposes.

- Is there a prize?

▪ One Wacom tablet valued at € 200

▪ Training in the area of ​​Communication and Marketing of the company

▪ Possibility of printing, exhibition and public attribution of the author of the work before the media.

▪ The winner will also be an honorary guest at the company's centennial event,

- Jury formation

Formed by a mixed committee of the company López Matencio S.A together with the Faculty of Communication of the UCAM. The presentation of the candidatures will be done anonymously.

- Materials

They are available now In Google Drive you will have all the resources and materials necessary to work your design easily:

▪ Can dropdown template:

▪ Logos in vector format and mandatory basic information ▪ Brand briefing ▪ Business dossier ▪ Product dossier - Deadlines:

▪ Deadline for delivery March 12, 2018

▪ Announcement of the winner: March 16, 2018

- Contact

Get in touch with the company at the following email address:

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