Patatas bravas and hot paprika Los Novios recipe


The “patatas bravas” Los Novios are an entree that stands out in the typical Spanish gastronomy for being a simple, basic and healthy dish. Ideal as appetizer with a cold drink with friends at any time of the year. The term "bravas" shows off its wild and spicy flavor, which can be graduated according to the amount of spicy paprika, sea well in the sauce or sprinkled.


Ingredients (4-5 people):

• Potatoes: 6

• Onion: 1

• Garlic: 2 pieces.

• Extra virgin olive oil: 50 ml

• Hot paprika "Los Novios": 1 tablespoon.

• Smoked paprika "Los Novios": 1 tablespoon.

• Natural whole tomato: 400 g.

• Salt

• Sugar

• vinegar


Steps to follow: potatoes

• 1. Peel potatoes, wash them, drain and dry. Cut square or cubed bite-sized, approximately in cubes about 6 cm thick.

• 2. Put a large saucepan and pour extra virgin olive oil, more or less above half the capacity.

• 3. Add the potatoes in the oil in cold and let them warm at medium temperature. We lower the heat to the minimum and we are going to confirm it in the oil very slowly during 15 minutes.

• 4. When they are tender, we remove the potatoes from the saucepan with a drainer and let them cool while we prepare the hot sauce.

• 5. Cut an onion into small squares and sofas with the temperature. When it is fried, we add cayenne and we move well. Remove the sauce from the heat and add a spoonful of hot paprika.

• 6. We pour the peeled natural tomato and all the water that the boat brings. Mix well everything by grinding the tomato well. You can put sugar if you want to reduce acidity.

• 7. Put the fire back on medium heat and cook it for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

• 8. Remove from heat and remove once more so that the sauce is smooth. Note: you can also use the blender.

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