5 Properties and benefits of paprika for health


# 1 It is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent diseases:

As tomatoes or carrots, Paprika Los Novios contains antioxidant benefits derived from lycopene that act against free radicals. Lycopene, from the neolatin lycopersicum, is a carotene that contributes to the bright color pigment of many fruits and vegetables. It is absorbed by lipoproteins and accumulated mainly in the blood and liver, although it can be found in most muscle tissues of our body.

The consumption of lycopene is indicated as a beneficial element that can help your whole body, and especially to the eyes and digestive system. Numerous studies indicate it as a very effective nutrient for the prevention of diseases that affect the digestive and reproductive system, including some types of cancer. In plants, algae and other photosynthetic organisms, lycopene is an important intermediate in biosynthesis and responsible for pigmentation, photosynthesis, and photo-protection. That is why it is also considered as the first line of anti-aging defense of the skin, contributing to make it look healthy and beautiful.


# 2 It is a low in fat condiment and good for digestion:

It can be added in spoonfuls during the cooking, or it can be prepared directly on the dishes once prepared, its consumption is very easy and it is indicated in a healthy diet for a natural seasoning of great dissolution and a good digestion that helps to regulate the cholesterol. A spoonful of paprika equivalent to a person's ration (2.3g), contains only 0.3 grams of total fat and an energy potential of 6.5 calories. This positive relationship can be used in a diary as an added value to our diet, especially indicated in people who practice sports and do not use prepared sauces of high fat content, preservatives and low nutritional value.

In addition, the ingredient contains high capsaicin in its spicy variety, a nutrient beneficial because it is analgesic and that facilitates the digestion of the body, helping to burn fat through the process of gastric stimulation.


# 3 Contains a high percentage of dietary fiber

Vegetables such as peppers are the largest and most natural source of fiber, followed by fruits, legumes, cereals and nuts. The vegetable fiber in the body is good for a diet that can help control excessive food intake. The fiber works closely with the intestinal flora and the set of bacteria that live in the intestine. These bacteria are necessary for our body and are responsible for absorbing nutrients, insects and difficult to digest food and form a complex ecosystem that self-regulates and stays in balance.

In addition, it reduces the absorption of cholesterol, glucose and bile acids. Other main benefits of fiber that help keep the intestine clean and healthy, as they favor intestinal transit and prevent constipation and the accumulation of toxins in the body.


# 4 It is a rich source of vitamins A, B and K

The paprika is a super condiment that contains high values ​​of vitamin A or "niacin". A single spoonful of natural paprika (2.3g) accounts for 23% of the recommended daily allowance in a 2,000 calorie diet. Vitamin A is the main responsible for visual health, strengthens the immune system and has anticancer properties. An adequate and frequent consumption of vitamin A favorable to the good condition of our skin, bone structure and mucous membranes, especially recommended for people suffering from sensitive or utopian skin.

Also, it should be noted its nutritional value for its content of B vitamins that work in the absorption of nutrients and its transformation into energy in our body, and an extraordinary supplement of vitamin K, essential in the coagulation of blood.


# 5 It is recommended for athletes for their minerals:

If you practice sports and a healthy life, this is a ideal seasoning for you. Carrying a healthy life implies taking care of our consumption of processed foods, saturated fats and artificial products, but not for that reason renounce a natural and genuine taste. A spoonful of paprika contains 3% of recommended daily iron in an adult, a relevant element for sports performance in the storage and transport of oxygen by means of red blood cells.

The paprika powder is an essentially good and pure product that stands out because of its high content in various minerals, including potassium (2340g / 100gr) or phosphorus (350mg / 100g), or zinc, which contains this seasoning contributes in development during the growth process.


The natural cultivation of Paprika LOS NOVIOS respects the times of plant development and fruits, achieving higher concentrations of minerals and vitamins than other spices. It will taste better, you will feel better.

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