Healthy lifestyle

It tastes better…you will feel better

At Los Novios, we respect the time required to fully develop the plants and the fruits which are the natural crop source of our paprika. In this way, the peppers obtain the highest concentration of minerals and vitamins, and as a result, we achieve reliable, quality production. Discover the many benefits of our paprika:

  • Beneficial antioxidants that stem from lycopene which, in turn, acts against free radicals.

  • Capsaicin stimulates blood circulation while acting as a gastric stimulus.

  • A great source of energy with low fat content which helps to regulate cholesterol and triglycerides: 100 grams of paprika provides 280 calories.

  • Paprika contains vitamin A. Beta-carotene plays an important role in facial skin health and vision. Further, beta-carotene helps to maintain healthy skin while hindering the development of wrinkles and improving the cutis.

  • Paprika also contains some B vitamins which help to control nervous system functions, improve skin quality and fight diabetes while promoting cardiovascular health.

  • The high content of vitamin K found in paprika is also beneficial for healthy blood coagulation and bone metabolism.

  • Paprika contains high levels of Vitamin C which is vital for healthy skin.

  • High iron levels make paprika a food of choice for athletes.

  • It is rich in fibre, which plays an important role in digestive, cardiac and skin health.

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